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Michael Maestas, PhD

Licensed Psychologist
Primary office:


University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Clinical Interests: Evaluation and assessment; the relationship between intelligence and personality; American ethnic minority issues; acculturation; ethnic identity development and retention; multicultural competencies; organizational development and dynamics; educational administration.

Theoretical Interests: Systems theory, chaos theory.

Approach to Supervision: Openness and risk-taking are two characteristics which I value highly in supervisees. Learning and growth do not take place without taking risks to attempt something new and being open to the experience. To that end, I strive to make supervision safe for a supervisee to grow. As a supervisor, I provide support and feedback, teach, and collaborate while attending to relational processes. Conceptualizing a supervisee from a developmental perspective helps me provide supervision in a manner which will be most useful and growth-inducing. In addition to clinical growth, I believe that supervision must also address growth as a professional. Therefore, supervision is open to discussing issues such as providing supervision, entry into the field, job search, research, person-in-organization, etc. My only expectations are that a supervisee learn and grow, the details of which develop specifically with each new supervisee.

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